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This Library is for HealthCare professionals. It contains lots of useful
resources to help you and your patients which can be read online or downloaded.

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Sample request form

If you would like samples of our products for your patients to try, you can request these here. These can be sent either to you or direct to your patient.

The form is secure, and all data is held only as long as it takes for us to process the request.
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Slõ Syrup

Slõ Syrup is our latest and safest way to thicken drinks.

A concentrated liquid thickener, simply add to 200mls of any cold drink to change it into a Slõ one at IDDSI Level 1, 2 or 3.
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Recommendation for Prescription Form

This form contains all the details a Doctor needs
to prescribe Slõ Milkshakes+.

You can download it, copy it to an email or print it
on the back of a letter and complete the details.
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Slo Milkshakes+ ONS Data Sheet & PIP Codes

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We regularly publish blog posts with information useful to clinicians working in the field of Dysphagia. You will find this blog here More Info

Slõ Drinks Whatsapp

We have now set up a WhatsApp Slõ Drinks account for clinicians - anyone - to contact us that needs an answer quickly and securely.  More Info


The Slõ Talk Podcast - Where we talk about everything thickened drinks & their role in managing & living with dysphagia More Info

Frequently Asked Questions

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IDDSI Level 4 ONS Comparison

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Pill-Eze Information Leaflet

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Pill-Eze Compatablity Table

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Conditions presenting with Dysphagia

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Information Leaflet

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Spotting the signs of Dysphagia

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