Stress free drinks for Dysphagia

Those with dysphagia must have just the right amount of thickener in all their drinks. Unfortunately ordinary thickeners don’t work the
same way in every drink. In some they don’t work at all! Worse still, they can make drinks look and taste so bad they are undrinkable.

As a result, when people see thickener scooped into their drinks they can only ever hope they won’t suffer a painful and
embarrassing coughing fit or depressing to drink.

But it doesn’t have to be that way and drinking can be enjoyed again, using our sachets to make a Slõ Drink.

We tested our thickener in every drink someone could need or want to see how a drinks’ temperature, sugar, fat or acidic levels affect it
then calculated the amount needed to change each into a specific consistency and put enough for one drink in a sachet.

You simply add the contents into a drink to change it into a Slõ Drink. They can be drinks needed for nutrition and medication, favourite drinks
that can be used for hydration or drinks people want to relax with to help them cope with their dysphagia like a glass of wine or a beer.

They will all look like an ordinary drinks and taste like them – they just flow slowly and can be drunk without worry.

Right now, you can make Slõ Drinks for hydration, nutrition, medication and relaxing. These are just the start. As needs change and new drinks become available, we will find a simple way to change them into Slõ Drinks.