Enjoy your favourite morning fruit juice
Change any juice into Slõ Juice
Enjoy the comfort of a warm drink
Change a mug of tea or coffee into Slõ Drink
Enjoy a chat again
Over a Slõ Tea or Slõ Coffee
Make your pills, tablets and capsules easy to swallow
Add them to Pill-Eze
Maintaining nutritional intake with dysphagia is easy
If it’s difficult swallowing whole meals
A Slõ Milkshake will provide essential calories, protein, vitamins & minerals needed
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If you are living with a swallowing difficulty, you are not alone, and Slõ Drinks will help.

There are millions of people who have difficulty swallowing drinks. It ranges from mild discomfort to painful choking. Clinicians call that dysphagia. To overcome it you need drinks that flow slowly.

We’ve therefore created simple ways to help you make Slõ Drinks that are suitable for your specific swallowing difficulty. There are sachets to make drinks for a slight swallowing difficulty (IDDSI Level 1) and others that make drinks for people who have been diagnosed with dysphagia and need mildly, moderately or extremely thick drinks (IDDSI Levels 2, 3 and 4).

Whichever Slõ Drinks you need, you simply mix water, milk or alcohol with our sachets or buy Slõ Drinks that are ready to use. They will all look like and taste “normal” but flow slowly and be comfortable to swallow.

To see if you are living with a swallowing difficulty take a look at or Signs of Swallowing Difficulty

Improve cognitive function and cleanse the body
Maintain and boost energy and nutrients levels
An easy way to make medication safer to swallow
Reduce stress and raise good cholesterol