Nutrition & Dysphagia
If it’s difficult eating whole meals
A Slõ Milkshake+ will provide essential calories, protein, vitamins & minerals needed
Make a favourite cold drink in the morning
Change any juice drink into a Slõ Cold Drink
Nutrition & Dysphagia
Make Every Mouthful Matter
Safely increase the protein levels of any meal with Slõ Protein
Enjoy Socializing - wine
Enjoy a drink with friends
Change a favourite wine into Slõ Wine
Enjoy Tea & Coffee
Enjoy a chat again
Over a Slõ Tea or Slõ Coffee
Slo Tablets and Dysphagia
Make pills, tablets and capsules easy to swallow
Add them to Pill-Eze
Vitamin Drops
Boost intake of essential vitamins safely
with Slõ Vitamin Drops
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Always safer to drink. Always enjoyable. Always easy

If you are living with dysphagia (swallowing difficulty), you need drinks that flow slõwly. Yet making them safe to swallow by scooping thickener from a tin is difficult and stressful. As a result accidents happen.

Here at Slõ Drinks we believe accidents can be avoided altogether, using better – safer – ways to make all the thickened drinks you need. Our Inspiration came from the humble teabag.

Remember the days of making loose leaf tea? Traditionally packaged in tins, you would have to scoop the leaves into a teapot and hope you had added enough. Then the tea bag came along and changed all that, ensuring the perfect cup every time, without the stress and the mess.

Following that same principal, we calculated exactly how much thickener would be required to make our range of Slõ Drinks, which are specially formulated for specific swallowing difficulties, and packaged them into convenient, easy-to-use sachets.

Whichever thickened drink you need, we can help you make it flow slõwly.

A safe, simple way to enjoy drinking again

Slõ Milkshake+ – High in protein, high calorie and bursting with calories and 25 essential vitamins and minerals, Slõ Milkshakes are a safe, tasty way to supplement nutritional intake.

Pill-Eze – Ready-to-use Pill-Eze makes pills easy to swallow. Medicinal supplements and laxatives to glide down smoothly without getting stuck, while the sweet cherry flavour hides any bad taste.

Slõ Cold Drinks – Now stay hydrated, safely, and effectively. Simply add one Slõ Cold Drink sachet to favourite cold drinks, such as water, fresh juice, and cordial.

Slõ Hot Drinks – No need to miss out on a nice, hot cup of tea or coffee. Just add one Slõ Hot Drink sachet, sit back, and enjoy.

Slõ Wines – Merlot or Pinot Grigio? To enjoy a favourite alcoholic drink, simply add a sachet of our Slõ Wines. If a beer or cider is your preference, add a Slõ Cider or Beer sachet.

Slõ Hydration

Boost energy and nutrient levels

Slõ Nutrition

Boost energy and nutrient levels

Slõ Medication And Supplements

Makes pills easy-to-swallow

Slõ Relaxation Enjoy alcohol safely

Enjoy alcohol safely

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