For those with Dysphagia, Everything Slõ is Stress Free

Those with dysphagia must have thickener in their drinks, however when it’s scooped from a tin it will turn it into a thickened drink; something that can look cloudy and grey you have to force down. That makes drinking a dreaded and stressful chore for everyone. It doesn’t have to be that way. Drinking can be enjoyed again.  Using our sachets a favourite drink can be changed into a Slõ Drink that looks clear and bright and tastes a good as it should.

We test each drink someone could need or want with various thickener formulations to see how they affect the look and taste of a drink. Then, we analyse how a drinks temperature, sugar, fat and pH levels the thickeners’ ability to thicken. After identifying the best formulation, we run more tests to calculate the precise amount of thickener required to change a specific volume of the drink into a specific consistency and then put enough for one drink in a sachet.

You simply add the contents into a drink to make a Slõ Drink.

They can be drinks needed for nutrition or medication, bottled juice drinks, a cup of tea or coffee used for hydration or drinks to relax with like a favourite glass of wine or beer.

They will all be enjoyable to drink and safer to swallow.