If you are living with dysphagia then you need drinks that flow slowly.

We are here to help you make Slõ Drinks for all your healthcare needs.

We have taken all the drinks you need and analysed how each ones’ sugar, fat, PH levels and temperature affect a thickeners ability to thicken: then calculated the amount of thickener required to make a drink flow slowly and safer to swallow; and put it in a sachet.

You simply mix the sachet contents with the volume of liquid we specify to change drinks for hydration into Slõ Juice, Slõ Tea or Slõ Fizzy. Drinks for medication such as soluble laxatives into Slõ Solulax and drinks for relaxing with into Slõ Wine, Slõ Beer and Slõ Cider.

Nutritional drinks and products are different. It is a complex process making sure a supplement has the right mix of calories and nutrients. We therefore supply these ready to use. You make Slõ Milkshakes+ by mixing with whole milk and our Slõ Vitamin Sprays are sprayed directly in the mouth on the inside cheek.

These are the just the start. Our drive is to help improve the everyday lives of those living with dysphagia, by listening to needs and using our unique skill set to make liquids drinkable again. If you therefore have a need or an idea, please tell us and we will see if we can help.