Slõ Drinks are made to be enjoyed

they give back the simple pleasure of drinks that look and taste as good as ordinary ones, despite containing thickener.

That’s possible because of our extensive research into thickeners.

As a result, you will find our thickeners dissolve quickly and fully. Your Slõ Juice, Iced Tea or Wine will look as clear and bright as an ordinary glass of juice, iced tea or wine. They will also be completely smooth and taste as good as they should. They just flow slowly and will be safer to swallow.

You can be sure they are because we analysed how a drink’s fat, PH levels and temperature affect our thickening powders’ ability to thicken. This allowed us to calculate the amount required to thicken one drink to a specific consistency and put that in a sachet. You will therefore never add too much thickener again.

All you have to do is mix our sachet contents with the volume of liquid we specify to create a glass of Slõ Juice, Slõ Fizzy or Slõ Iced Tea; Slõ Wine, Slõ Beer or Slõ Cider that can be enjoyed at home or out with friends and relatives.