Enjoy your favourite morning fruit juice
Change any juice into Slõ Juice
Enjoy a drink with friends
Change your favourite wine into Slõ Wine
Enjoy a chat again
Over a Slõ Tea or Slõ Coffee
Make your pills, tablets and capsules easy to swallow
Add them to Pill-Eze
Maintaining nutritional intake with dysphagia is easy
If it’s difficult eating whole meals
A Slõ Milkshake will provide essential calories, protein, vitamins & minerals needed
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Those with swallowing difficulties – dysphagia – need drinks that flow slowly.

Consequently, to make it easy to prepare drinks that flow slowly and at just at the right speed so they can be swallowed comfortably, we deposit the right amount of thickener in our sachets and products.

Just mix a Slõ Cold Drink sachet into a glass of juice, water or iced tea; a Slõ Hot Drink sachet into a cup of tea or coffee and maintain essential hydration levels. Supplement nutritional intake with a Slõ Milkshake+ sachet. Just mix with whole milk to make a high protein, high calorie shake full of 25 vitamins and minerals. Add a Slo Wine, Cider or Beer sachet to a favourite alcoholic drink and…relax.

Pill-Eze is a ready to use Slõ Drink. It makes medicinal, supplement and laxative pills easy to swallow. They glide down smoothly, don’t get stuck and its sweet cherry flavour hides their bad taste.

Which ever drinks you need or want, we have a simple way for you to make them safer and more comfortable to swallow.

Improve cognitive function and cleanse the body
Maintain and boost energy and nutrients levels
An easy way to make medication safer to swallow
Medication and Supplements
Reduce stress and raise good cholesterol