Stress free drinks for Dysphagia

Those with dysphagia must have just the right amount of thickener in all their drinks to prevent a painful and embarrassing coughing fit.
However, measuring the right amount with a scoop is difficult to impossible.

Thickeners work differently in different drinks. In some they don’t work at all. So scooping the same amount into different drinks
you can only ever hope they will be safe to swallow. As a result, drinking is a dreaded and stressful chore for everyone.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Drinking can be enjoyed again using our sachets to make a Slõ Drink.

We test each drink someone could need or want with various thickener formulations; analysing how its temperature, sugar, fat and pH levels
affects each thickeners’ ability to thicken safely. After identifying the best formulation, we run more tests to calculate the precise amount
required to change a specific volume of the drink into a specific consistency and then put enough for one drink in a sachet.

You simply add the contents into a drink to change it into a Slõ Drink.

They can be drinks for nutrition, medication and hydration or drinks to relax with like a glass of wine or a beer. They will all look
like ordinary drinks and taste like them – they just contain the right amount of thickener and can be drunk without worry.