If you are living with dysphagia, then you know that to maintain good health, you need a wide range of thickened drinks that flow slowly. 

We have therefore created a reliable, convenient method for you to change drinks that meet all your healthcare needs into Slõ Drinks and all of them are:

 Safer to swallow: We analysed how a drink’s fat, PH levels and temperature affect our thickening powders’ ability to thicken. This allowed us to calculate the amount required to thicken one type of drink to a specific consistency and put that in a single serve sachet.

Easy to prepare: Simply mix the sachet contents with the volume of the drink specified on the sachet to make a Slõ Drink that matches IDDSI 2 or IDDSI 3.

 Palatable to drink: Our thickeners dissolve quickly and fully to ensure Slõ Drinks are completely smooth; look as clear and bright as ordinary drinks and taste just as good, to give back the simple pleasure of a something enjoyable to drink.

Improve cognitive function and cleanse the body
Maintain and boost energy and nutrients levels
An easy way to make medication safer to swallow
Reduce stress, raise good cholesterol and sociability