Enjoy your favourite morning fruit juice
Change any juice into Slõ Juice
Enjoy a glass of wine this Christmas
Change a glass of red, white or rose wine into Slõ Wine
Enjoy a chat again
Over a Slõ Tea or Slõ Coffee
The easier way to take medication
Add medication to Slõ Tablets and make them easier to swallow
Maintaining nutritional intake with dysphagia is easy
Maintaining nutritional intake with dysphagia is easy
With a high protein milkshake, that’s safer to swallow and tastes good
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Living with dysphagia, you will be adding thickener to all types of drinks to make them flow slowly. We’ve therefore created a safe, simple way to make sure you add just the right amount to all the drinks required to fulfil your healthcare needs.

Every drink you need or could want has been tested with our thickeners to see how its temperature, fat and PH levels affect it. This allowed us to calculate the amount required to thicken a specific drink to a specific consistency and put that in a single serve sachet. You will never add too much thickener again.

Simply add the sachet contents to the volume of liquid we specify and it will always be safer to swallow.

More importantly our thickeners are tasteless and dissolve very quickly. As a result, a Slõ Drink is always smooth and lump free; looks as clear and bright as an ordinary drink and tastes as good as one too to give back the simple pleasure an enjoyable drink.

Improve cognitive function and cleanse the body
Maintain and boost energy and nutrients levels
An easy way to make medication safer to swallow
Reduce stress, raise good cholesterol and sociability