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The Yorkshire BDA Event – Making the most of Media in Nutrition & Dietetics

2 March 2017

The Yorkshire BDA Branch here in the UK are holding the above event in March. We wanted to tell you about it to encourage you to take part in Social Media. Historically, the NHS actively discouraged Clinicians to joining Communities due to the problems it could cause. And rightly so.

However, there are now lots of books and resources; including this event, that will show how to safely engage on

Social media platforms. When you do – it will open up a whole new world of information and exchange of ideas.

Take our Twitter feed. It focuses on everything Dysphagia we can find. You can comment, add ideas and suggest other lines of thought. You can share best practice and learn about others in your field in other Countries.

It’s for that reason, we featured this event. We hope it encourages you to attend and if you can’t, it encourages you to jump in to the social media community.

You can book tickets on line here


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