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500ml Slõ Drinks for those with dysphagia

13 December 2017

On the way back from a meeting, our Founder Mathew, stopped at a motorway services for a drink and bought a 500ml bottle of juice. After making his choice, he started to walk away, stopped and turned back?

He noticed the huge range of juice drinks packed in 500ml bottles and thought… if we had a sachet that can change all these drinks into a Slõ Drink that makes trips out easier.

The bottle is a perfect shaker. That means you only have to add the sachet, put the top back on and shake; then pour the Slõ Juice into a glass or put in a wide bore straw and drink through that. No scoop-and-hope. No fuss and… no one would notice.

It would look as bright and clear as an ordinary bottled drink and taste just as good; it would just flow slowly and be safer to swallow all day – Slõ Juice, Slõ Iced Tea and Slõ Water stay the same consistency all day.

As a result, he has changed all the packaging. You will now be able to buy a favourite 500ml bottle of juice, water and iced tea from anywhere and change them in to Slõ Juice, Slõ Iced Tea and Slõ Water.

It’s a little thing, but we hope it will make a big difference. Available to buy from our shop.

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