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A fantastic resource about Parkinson’s

1 December 2015


Researching what help is available to those with Parkinson’s and dysphagia, we discovered the World Parkinson’s Coalition.

Quite simply – it is a fantastic resource for information about Parkinson’s. It contains lots of useful self-generated information and access to resources in different countries.

This page lists all the known Parkinson’s non-profit Organizations and Societies around the world and lists them by Continent!

There is even a blog section which is written by people with Parkinson’s who share their experiences

There will be other resources available on the web but this is so well connected it is worth looking at.

Speaking about Blogs, I also found this American site:


There is some crossover with the World Parkinson site, but this one mainly focuses on blogs…49 of them!

There are three different ones News Blogs, Group Blogs and Patient Blogs. Some are more updated than others – but it is another great doorway to lots of useful resources.

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