Almond Milk Supplements for Dysphagia

Almond Milk Supplements for Dysphagia

30 April 2019

As many people are now moving from whole milk to alternatives, we decided to test our supplements – Slõ Milkshakes+ – with the most popular; almond, soya and rice milk. Lactose free was excluded because our supplements include milk powder.

After testing, soya and rice milk proved to mix well – but would not reach the necessary IDDSI 2 and 3 flow rates. However, almond milk worked perfectly.

We used a sweetened version from a supermarket and can confirm it can be made to a safe IDDSI 2 or 3 flow rate, is totally smooth and to us, tasted fine. It also maintained  the same safe flow rate for 12 hours when kept in the fridge.

Slõ Milkshakes+ do contain milk powder. This is how we increase the calories. However, it cannot be tasted over the almond milk. That got us thinking…there are now flavoured almond milks.

For a little variety you can change the taste of a Slõ Milkshake+. Use a coffee flavoured or caramel flavoured almond milk with a Slõ Chocolate Flavoured Milkshake+; a vanilla or chocolate flavoured almond milk with a Slõ Strawberry Milkshake+. 

It’s important to remember, the protein and calorie count will be different to Slõ Milkshakes+ made with whole milk. This may affect how many required to maintain a specific nutritional intake. However, this discovery makes almond milk an option for those with dysphagia needing supplements. To find out more please click here.