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An easier way to take medication with dysphagia

27 June 2019

When someone acquires dysphagia, eating and drinking anything becomes time consuming. One of the most frustrating things will be taking medications several times a day.

Dysphagia – swallowing difficulties – means a person has no or little swallow control. Consequently tablets can’t just be swallowed with water. It flows too fast for the drinker to control and so it and the tablet can cause choking and worse. To take tablets safely, they need to flow slowly.

We therefore created Slõ Tablets: a cherry flavoured thickened liquid that flows slowly to make solid dose medications and supplements safer to swallow.

It is very simple to use.  Put a tablet on a spoon and cover it with the Slõ Tablet liquid. This coats the tablet and holds it in suspension.

No swallow control is required. Slõ Tablets is ‘super slippery’. Gravity is all that is needed for the Slõ Tablet to glide slowly down and safely into the stomach without pain or choking. Nothing is left in the mouth or more importantly – the larynx.

Once in the stomach it dissolves quickly allowing the tablet to provide its intended relief. This action is the same as liquid medication. The only difference is the tablets are bigger than the particulates in liquid medication.

It’s important to remember that once swallowed – Slõ Tablets leaves a pleasant cherry aftertaste.

Some tablets taste terrible and this hides their sour taste far better than yoghurt or jam. Better still, unlike these foods, Slõ Tablets is inert. It doesn’t interact or affect the medications in it, so you can be confident the medication acts as it should.

Slõ Tablets can be used with all sizes of tablets and capsules, it is the users confidence which will determine what can be taken. We therefore suggest starting with the smallest tablet and trying different sizes as confidence grows. We don’t recommend halving or crushing tablets or opening capsules – but this does happen.

If a doctor or healthcare professional confirms this is acceptable, Slõ Tablets can be used to carry medication that has.

Medication can form an important part of recovery and Slõ Tablets provides a safer, easier, more comfortable way to take them.

It can be used for all those with dysphagia on IDDSI 1 to 3 fluids and anyone that find swallowing tablets uncomfortable or painful. It can be used safely, with no interaction with over 100 different solid dose tablets and capsules making it far more affordable than liquid medications.

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