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When nutrition is a challenge for older persons
28 February 2023
For older persons, seniors or the elderly, it can be difficult to eat enough and maintain the nutritional intake required. This may be because they’re not as active and slowing down. This automatically reduces appetite and only smaller meals are required. Even these may left unfinished as chewing and swallowing is difficult due to conditions affecting...
Should dysphagia patients have crushed medications?
02 February 2023
Last week on LinkedIn we read about a podcast created by Theresa Richard, an American Speech Pathologist and specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders. It discusses medication and the issues for Speech Pathologists (Therapists). Whilst it has been created for health care professionals, it will give you an insight into how they are trying...
New practical training on pureed - dysphagia - diets by dietitians
08 November 2022
We recently read about a course that focused on creating pureed diets produced by Dietitian, Rachael Masters. Passionate about nutrition and a keen interest in dysphagia, Rachael wanted to provide a course that provides useful information and practical advice for caterers and people living at home.   We therefore wanted to share what she has done...
Finding Dysphagia in Four: A simple swallow screen
30 August 2022
The signs and symptoms of dysphagia are familiar to Speech and Language Therapists/ Pathologists and Dietitians that see dysphagia patients daily. However, as you know, outside this sphere there are a huge number of health care professionals that are not. They may be unaware of how dysphagia can impact a patient’s recovery care plan. As a result,...
The perfect thickened drink
28 July 2022
Is a milkshake the perfect thickened drink? As you know, it’s difficult to stay hydrated with dysphagia. There’s lots of reasons for it, but the main one is people don’t like the texture of thickened drinks. A glass of juice, a cup of tea or coffee with thickener is strange because it’s not what people expect. We thought the best way to overcome...
Dysphagia: A Geriatric Giant?
26 April 2022
“Geriatric Giants: A term coined by geriatrician Bernard Isaacs, and the expression refers to the principal chronic disabilities of old age that impact on the physical, mental and social domains of older adults”. Dysphagia is a big issue. Estimates suggest there are currently over 590,000,000 around the world suffering with it. As a result, David...
Why thickened drinks have names from the IDDSI
18 March 2022
As you are living with dysphagia (swallowing difficulty) you will be familiar with the different level names given to thickened drinks. These have been created under something called the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative. Abbreviated to IDDSI, pronounced ID – C. It’s aim is to simplify descriptions of thickened drinks...
How to swallow pills easily
09 December 2021
As you are living with dysphagia, you’ll be familiar with taking pills and may find it a difficult daily task. If you do, we wanted to let you know you are not alone. A recent survey with pharmacists said that most patients they speak to say, “I worry about choking on my pills or them getting stuck.“ That’s one of the main reasons we created Pill-Eze:...
Slõ Vitamin Drops
14 October 2021
As you know, eating with dysphagia is difficult and takes time which means many people may not have enough essential vitamins. We’ve therefore created Slõ Vitamin drops to help. The first are liquid Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 & K2. Vitamin C – also known as the Sunshine vitamin is reported to help the immune system, especially in the cold weather....
The 300ml IDDSI Level 1
18 August 2021
After trying our Slõ Milkshakes+ at IDDSI level 1, a clinician asked, “Why it is 300ml?” Especially as 200ml is the norm and Compact ONS are popular. If that has crossed your mind, we thought we should explain. The IDDSI level 1 is a relatively new flow rate description, and we took this as an opportunity to question what would be an ideal way...
IDDSI Level 1 ONS Labels
26 May 2021
IDDSI Level 1, Slightly Thick flow rate is increasingly being prescribed to patients. It provides a perfect last step for people to progress onto ordinary – thin fluids. However, whilst transitioning to thin fluids, people can still need to supplement their nutritional intake. As a direct result we created Slõ Milkshakes+ ONS at IDDSI Level 1. They...
A Slõ Story
24 March 2021
2021 Slõ Milkshakes+ Banana flavour was approved for prescription. Now Clinicians and their patients have access to the widest range of pre-thickened ONS flavours and flow rates in the world.  Healthcare Professionals made us aware of the issues surrounding boosting the protein levels of those diagnosed with dysphagia and with small appetites....
Pill-Eze Calculator
11 March 2021
 Calculate how much you could save using Pill-Eze
Make every mouthful matter with Slõ Protein Powders
02 March 2021
If you are concerned about your nutritional intake or that of someone you care for, try Slõ Protein Powders. These protein-boosting Soy, Whey and Pea Protein powders are not for body builders – they are a way for all ages of with swallowing difficulties to increase protein levels, easily and safely. Some – especially older people; and those living...
Slõ Milkshakes+ now available at IDDSI Levels 1 & 4
17 September 2020
Now, for the first time, dysphagia patients needing nutritional support and prescribed drinks at IDDSI Levels 1, 2, 3 or 4 can maintain their calorie and nutrition intake safely with our unique range of pre-thickened powdered oral nutritional supplements. Our Slõ Milkshakes+ are now available at IDDSI Levels 1 & 4 flow rates. These high-protein,...
How to swallow a medical pill easily
25 August 2020
The moment has come to take a medical pill. You are suddenly filled with fear and dread. What if you choke on the tablet or can’t get it down?   This is how many people think – but there is no need for them to panic. Difficulty swallowing pills affects one in three people, causing them to gag, choke or vomit.  The fear of choking can cause a dry...
How to take laxatives with a swallowing difficulty - dysphagia
14 July 2020
People with swallowing difficulties – dysphagia;  frequently require laxatives.   Powdered laxatives are available. However, they must be mixed 125mls water. That doesn’t seem much to drink but those with dysphagia do not drink much. 125mls is a large proportion of their daily intake.  They are difficult to impossible to thicken and so making them...
IDDSI Level 1 Slõ Drinks for a slight swallowing difficulty
19 June 2020
In response to requests from Clinicians wanting their dysphagia patients with a slight swallowing difficulty to have drinks at IDDSI Level 1, slightly thick – all Slõ Drinks can now be made at this level. Of them all, the most useful will be the Slõ Milkshakes+ as it is the only Oral Nutritional Supplement clearly labeled IDDSI Level 1. Other...
The science behind Slõ Drinks
18 June 2020
To reduce the risks of those with dysphagia developing aspiration pneumonia; becoming dehydrated and readmitted to hospital, it is essential to change the consistency of all their drinks to slow them down to a manageable speed and make them safer to swallow. Here at the Slõ Drinks Company these essential consistency changes are made using drink...
Infection control of thickened drinks
21 May 2020
Due to Covid-19, infection control is now at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Back in 2017 Infection Control was a key target for the NHS and so we were the 1st company to apply an anti-bacterial barrier coating to our Slõ Milkshakes+ packaging. Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) can develop either as a direct result of healthcare interventions...
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