30 March 2020

Since launching Pill-Eze to make pills easy to swallow, we see a lot of information pill, tablet or capsule related. As you would expect the latest information we are seeing relates to Ibuprofen and using it to treat Coronavirus. Across the national media and on social media there is a

23 March 2020

During our research into how to make pills, tablets and capsules easy to swallow for those with dysphagia, we discovered some interesting facts. As a result, I want to share the concept of a Swallowing Difficulty Spectrum. The research highlighted that most people that cannot swallow pills have a normal

6 March 2020

There are millions of people of all ages that have difficulty swallowing food and drinks. For some it is severe problem. Clinicians call it dysphagia. For most it is a mild problem that they accept as a normal way of life. It doesn’t need to be that way. If you

4 February 2020

The new Slõ Milkshakes+ IDDSI packaging is now in production. Up until as late as November last year some were still implementing the new IDDSI terms. Since then we haven’t received any more calls from Pharmacies or Care Homes and about them and so we are now printing our Slõ

7 January 2020

We recently read an article written by Veronica Giudice – a Specialist Dietitian; about making sure dysphagia recommendations are clearly communicated across the patient team. As we are sure it will prove useful we asked her to let us share it with you… Introduction Dysphagia is defined by any difficulties

29 November 2019

As you know, David Attenborough is encouraging us all to reduce our use of single use plastic bottles and save our seas. Whilst we immediately think of water bottles, we think it applies to all plastic bottles; including those used for oral nutritional supplements. Have you ever considered how many

4 November 2019

It’s always good to see Slõ products having a positive impact abroad and one such case is in the European Center of Neurosciences in Spain. In their blog (which can be found here), they present the effects and difficulties of neurological damage, including dysphagia.  Dysphagia has a prevalence of between

25 October 2019

Slõ Tablets has been created to make swallowing tablets and capsules comfortable and safer for those with all degrees of dysphagia. It reduces all the risks associated with adding medication to thickened drinks. Slõ Tablets is already pre-thickened and ready to use at IDDSI 3- Moderately Thick flow rate. Although

2 October 2019

All of us need lots of drinks a day, however making lots of thickened drinks and adding just the right amount of thickener to each one is time consuming, difficult and stressful. Consequently, we have been looking for a solution and our sachet provided the answer. Like moving from loose

17 September 2019

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI – for short) was implemented in January 2019. It was created to provide standard terms for the flow rate of thickened drinks and consistency of texture modified foods. This in turn should reduce the risks of patients being given a drink or a