4 December 2015

The American Speech and Language Therapy Association (ASHA) is running an online Dysphagia Conference until the 14th of December. For those of us in the field of Dysphagia it is an excellent event and you can take part in it via your computer. There is a fee for taking part

1 December 2015

Researching what help is available to those with Parkinson’s and dysphagia, we discovered the World Parkinson’s Coalition. Quite simply – it is a fantastic resource for information about Parkinson’s. It contains lots of useful self-generated information and access to resources in different countries. This page lists all the known Parkinson’s non-profit Organizations and

20 November 2015

  We wanted to share with you something we live for? Last week a stroke survivors son called us after hearing about our Slõ Beer. He had tried adding thickener to his Dad’s beer but he says, “I couldn’t make it work and it just froths up!” We told him about

4 November 2015

Slõ Drinks are now available in mixed boxes. Clinicians and patients have been continually asking if we can make mixed boxes of Slõ Drinks and we have always said no. Sorry about that. We forgot to listen and hear what’s needed. Thankfully in this Monday’s meeting, Duncan saw the light and

27 October 2015

At Christmas…more than any other time of the year, most people want to enjoy a glass of wine, beer, a whisky or a drop of bubbly. That includes those with dysphagia. But the thought of having thickened alcoholic drinks puts them off. It’s partly because they look and taste terrible

26 October 2015

Research suggests that thickened drinks cause dehydration because they are thick? A lot of the time they are too thick and those with dysphagia don’t like the feel of them or the residue they leave in the mouth. They also make the drinker feel bloated. We think that is just one issue –

22 October 2015

The stress free alternative to thickened drinks is 10 today. It’s our Birthday and I wanted to share it with you. 10 years ago the idea of Slõ Drinks became a reality and Slõ Drinks Ltd was incorporated. It was founded on a chance conversation I had with a Speech

16 October 2015

There has been lots of work done on why it’s difficult to keep dysphagia patients hydrated. Evidence provided back in 2001 established that thickened drinks were difficult to make. As a result dysphagia patients were offered 50% fewer drink than those without dysphagia. Worse still, 50% of the drinks were not the

16 October 2015

Following our last Blog and the ESSD conference we’ve now sent samples of Slõ Drinks to Dysphagia Specialists across Europe and beyond. For each we’ve produced a Consistency Term Translator to help them explain our consistencies to their patients and show what Slõ Drinks are available to help them. And…

6 October 2015

Last week we attended the European Society of Swallowing Disorders (ESSD) in Barcelona . Due to various commitments it has taken us three years to get there. If you haven’t made it – I seriously suggest putting it in your diary. Clinicians attend from all over Europe and from the rest of