17 March 2015

In response to repeated requests for a way to make spirits safer to swallow we have found one. By mixing 1 full shot of a spirit with 2 full shots of water, we can change that into a Slõ Drink. Or…Slõ Jack! Believe it or not this is Jack Daniels at Honey consistency. It really

9 March 2015

Today it has been confirmed that Slõ Drinks have successfully bid again offer Slõ Drinks through the NHS. This means that for the next 3 years, all Slõ Drinks will be listed on every NHS ward computer in both Acute and Community hospitals. This is a real vote of confidence for

17 February 2015

Slõ Drinks started because of a chance conversation I had with a Speech and Language Therapist. Walking out of a puree tasting I asked her, “Is there anything else your dysphagia patients would like?” She replied “A pleasant thickened drink.” My name is Mathew Done and I’ve worked in the

18 March 2016

To reduce the risks of those with dysphagia developing aspiration pneumonia; becoming dehydrated and readmitted to hospital, it is essential to change the consistency of all their drinks to slow them down to a manageable speed and make them safer to swallow. Here at the Slõ Drinks Company these essential

13 February 2015

This is a list of all the commonly used terms and “Buzzwords” used by clinicians in the world of Dysphagia. Dysphagia Dictionary 2015

27 January 2015

We’ve found 127 primary conditions associated with dysphagia. If someone is suffering with any of them, Slõ Drinks will help. They flow slowly so they’re safer to swallow, helping those with Dysphagia to maintain their hydration levels – safely. Dysphagia Signs & Symptoms 

22 January 2015

Milk is great for those with dysphagia but it can prove difficult to mix ordinary thickeners in it. Fortunately, ours is easy! Simply add the contents of our sachets to 200ml of whole milk and change it into Slõ Milk Stage 1: Syrup or Stage 2: Custard. Slõ Milk is tastes like ordinary milk