21 July 2017

Milkshake supplements are useful and easy to use unless the person has dysphagia? It is virtually impossible to thicken supplements to a safe-to-swallow consistency and is a real problem for Nursing Homes and Care Facilities. We therefore created Slõ Milkshakes+ to help. They mean the end of scoop-and-hope. Thickener is

27 June 2017

A Head and Neck Cancer Conference is taking placeIn Blackpool later this year. Chris Curtis will be there together with lots of other Speakers to share useful insights and information for patients and carers. We will be keeping you updated with the event and wanted to send you this link

23 June 2017

Considerations in Dysphagia Management, is a new course from ASHA. The course includes suggestions for best practice and importantly how to manage rarer dysphagia cases. This is an important new addition to courses we have previously seen? Dysphagia and its affect on treating a range of primary conditions is increasingly

16 June 2017

Advancing Dysphagia Practice is an UK initiative organized by Dr Hazel Roddam and her colleagues. Based at the University of Central Lancashire their focus is on sharing dysphagia best practice. They run several events and the next one is on the 19th of July, as you can see on the

24 May 2017

Barrett’s Oesophagus is a condition we heard about whilst listening to the UK’s BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show. As it can induce dysphagia in some sufferers we have collected some information and useful links Barrett’s Oesophagus It is a condition where the cells of the oesophagus (gullet) grow abnormally. 

3 May 2017

Slõ Milkshakes+: the 1st pre-thickened powdered oral nutritional supplements for dysphagia have new sachet packaging. We were going to wait until we had our new packs made up – but decided to show you some printed laminate taken off the press, because we are so excited about it? We wanted

27 April 2017

  Dysphagia Dysphagia is a secondary symptom of 127 conditions including stroke, mouth and throat cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and motor neurone disease. It affects all ages from birth but presents frequently in the over 50’s (approx. 8-10% world wide), equivalent to a global population of 560 million people. It can

17 March 2017

The ESSD is hosting a free webinar on Monday the 20th of March. A history on taking in Swallowing Disorders. If you haven’t attended one of their webinars before we suggest trying them. They are always interesting and informative. Click on this link to register. In the meantime the

16 March 2017

The Dysphagia Kitchen: Calling all Caregivers! Essential Puree is proud to announce our new Speedy Series. Some caregivers cannot cook, they don’t have time, they don’t know how. Some are in the sandwich generation, dealing with children and with aging parents. The Speedy Series: Pureed Meals that can be ready

8 March 2017

The PENG Pocket Guide to Clinical Nutrition is something new to us. We only heard about it after a Dietetic Team successfully trialled our Slõ Milkshakes+ and asked us if we had an insert for it. As a result, we created the insert above.  Pre-punched and ready to insert it