4 November 2016

Christmas is just around the corner and we would like to help those with dysphagia celebrate with our new online shop. It allows us to provide Slõ Drinkers special offers and discounts and so this year if they use this code XMAS16 it will give 10% off Slõ Christmas Drinks. It

3 November 2016

In November Food Matters Live runs from the 22nd to the 24th. It’s a big event that brings together food and drink industry. Retailers, food service providers and those working in Nutrition. As food, health and nutrition are all interrelated it’s an opportunity to see lots of different ways of achieving

19 October 2016

The Oral Health Foundation have teamed up with The Swallows Head & Neck Cancer Support Group to provide support and information for carers and survivors at The North of England Head & Neck Cancer Conference. The two charities are coming together for the conference on Friday November 11 at the

19 October 2016

Cutting the cost of supplements is a priority for Healthcare Organizations. We all know that. For those with dysphagia and their carers, it’s a priority too. I think we’ve forgotten that. Large Healthcare Organizations and providers around the world are able to negotiate substantial discounts because of the high volumes

12 October 2016

Managing Malnutrition for those with swallowing difficulties is difficult and complex for the patient and every member of their care team. It’s a problem which a team at Salford Royal Hospital, here in the UK, has been working to resolve with an e-Learning Package. It seems incredibly useful and so

6 October 2016

The European Society for Swallowing Disorders Congress is nearly here. Unfortunately, we can’t be there this year because of the success of our Slõ Milkshakes+, but if you can make it you should go. For those in the field of dysphagia, it is a must. The sessions are interesting, informative

6 October 2016

How to cut SIP spending is a priority for all Healthcare Organizations around the world. They are useful and help supplement patient’s oral nutritional intake – but they cost a lot. Here in the UK the National Health Service spends over £300 million P/A on SIP Feeds.  We are a

6 September 2016

Is a useful water protocol for those with dysphagia – difficulty swallowing – and needing thickener in their drinks to use vitamin enhanced water? It is a question that came to me looking at these “enhanced” water drinks in a supermarket. Dysphagia predisposes sufferers to a low nutritional intake and

1 September 2016

The ESSD are running another live stream webinar on Monday 5 September at 18:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time). The Title is: Swallowing after Laryngeal Cancer If you haven’t attended one of these before, we seriously recommend attending. For those in the field of dysphagia they a great resource for the

29 July 2016

To buy a tin of thickener, month in month out is expensive. A person with dysphagia must have thickener added all their drinks. That can be 4, 5 or 6 drinks  a day, every day. So whilst a tin is cheap the cumulative cost of using it makes it expensive.