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Book signing: Essential Puree: The A to Z Guidebook

19 May 2016

A while ago, we published this post on a puree recipe book written by Diane Wolff.

Since then, Diane has revised her book and made some additions.

We think it’s a great book. Its useful for all those with dysphagia and their carers and so we’ve placed Diane’s press release below for you.

Below you can read all about the book and her book signing…



Diane Wolff’s Essential Puree: The A to Z Guidebook, revised 2nd edition

Location: 166 Sixth Avenue, at the New York charity God’s Love We Deliver.

Date: June 16th New York City 1 to 3 PM

Diane Wolff is pleased to announce the launch of the revised second edition of her book “Essential Puree: The A to Z Guidebook.”

Before the signing, Diane will give a Dessert Tasting. What the world needs now is great desserts for those with swallowing difficulties and there are precious few of them. The taste: Texas sheetcake with sour cream frosting, lime icebox pie and, from the Cuban kitchen, the maduros shake. After all, Diane grew up on Miami Beach. She speaks broken Spanish. She knows the flavors of Calle Ocho.

This is part of the ongoing work that Diane does in memory of her mother, the late great Cathie G. The CDC states that a million people a year are diagnosed with dysphagia or swallowing disorders. Diane wrote the book that she wishes she had when her mother was diagnosed.

This tasting is by invitation for healthcare professionals and caregivers of patients with dysphagia. A book signing will follow the event.

The new edition includes “The Science of Puree”, everything the caregiver needs to know to puree food and beverages according to the National Dysphagia Diet Guidelines, information about Instant Thickeners and How to Puree Beverages of All Types. The new material has been created with the editorial consultation of a noted dysphagia care expert, a board member of the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders.

Caregivers will find out how to get a free download of the brand new Shake Rattle and Roll series from the Essential Puree website. This event is also the launch of the Quickie for Caregivers publications, e-books for mobile devices.

The Seasons of Puree consists of four e-books. Each one is dedicated to the iconic meals of one season, soups, entrees, snacks and desserts, Three of each category, prepared in under thirty minutes, from quality convenience ingredients. For mobile devices, the books will be available as individual e-books or by subscription from the website. Coming soon, The Purees of Summer.

This series is for the caregiver who can’t cook, doesn’t have time to cook or doesn’t want to cook. Having been her mom’s caregiver, Diane understands their needs. She includes suggested sound tracks, recommended for having a dance in the kitchen. This is Diane’s way of easing the stress of the job. Caring for the caregiver.

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