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If you are using a tin of thickener, it and the scoop can be frustrating and stressful to use. So instead of having to “scoop and hope”, we’ve made it easy to make the right amount of thickener to a drink.

We’ve put a specific amount of thickener for one drink into a sachet. As you can see below, you simply add the sachet contents to the a drink and it will change it into a Slõ Drink at an ideal consistency

6 March 2020

There are millions of people of all ages that have difficulty swallowing food and drinks. For some it is severe problem. Clinicians call it dysphagia. For most it is a mild problem that they accept as a normal way of life. It doesn’t need to be that way. If you

21 June 2018

When working to a standard like IDDSI, nutrition must still be central to ones thinking. As a result. pre-thickened Oral Nutritional Supplements created to IDDSI standards are very useful for those with dysphagia. However, Nutrica’s Nutilis and Fresenius Kabi’s Fresubin Thickened supplements don’t feature the IDDSI flow terms on pack

17 February 2015

Slõ Drinks started because of a chance conversation I had with a Speech and Language Therapist. Walking out of a puree tasting I asked her, “Is there anything else your dysphagia patients would like?” She replied “A pleasant thickened drink.” My name is Mathew Done and I’ve worked in the

18 March 2016

To reduce the risks of those with dysphagia developing aspiration pneumonia; becoming dehydrated and readmitted to hospital, it is essential to change the consistency of all their drinks to slow them down to a manageable speed and make them safer to swallow. Here at the Slõ Drinks Company these essential

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