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Five Days Following a Modified Texture Diet
05 February 2018
We read this article in CN Focus about a clinician having a Dysphagia Diet for a week. It provides a useful insight into the issues faced by those with dysphagia and their carers and as a result wanted to share it. To summarize…. Dysphagia following stroke affects a significant proportion of patients, with figures ranging between 37-78%....
Announcing the new Speedy Series from Essential Puree
16 March 2017
The Dysphagia Kitchen: Calling all Caregivers! Essential Puree is proud to announce our new Speedy Series. Some caregivers cannot cook, they don’t have time, they don’t know how. Some are in the sandwich generation, dealing with children and with aging parents. The Speedy Series: Pureed Meals that can be ready in 15 minutes The first eBook I this...
Slõ Drinks in Times Newspaper Supplement
21 March 2016
We are delighted to be featured in the Super North Supplement in the Times newspaper. If you missed it, you can take a look here (Page 5).
Down the hatch - A Dysphagia Podcast
22 February 2016
Down the Hatch is an unscripted podcast focused on hot topics relevant to swallowing clinicians throughout the world. With lively banter, speech pathologists Ianessa Humbert, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Alicia Vose, M.A., CCC-SLP (Ph.D. student) take on controversial topics in the field of dysphagia management, while inter-weaving various levels of evidence:...
Dysphagia: Clinical Management in Adults and Children
05 February 2016
Get all the information you need to confidently manage dysphagia in professional practice with Dysphagia: Clinical Management in Adults and Children, 2nd Edition! This logically organized, evidence-based resource reflects the latest advancements in dysphagia in an approachable and user-friendly manner to help you master the clinical evaluation...
Dysphagia Following Stroke (Clinical Dysphagia)
05 February 2016
This practical and easy-to-use handbook provides up-to-date coverage of the evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders in the stroke population. The gap between academics and clinical practice is narrowed with the latest research packaged for clinical application. Particular focus is on the clinical and instrumental evaluation of swallowing,...
Dysphagia Therapy
05 February 2016
  A new and essential tool to help clinicians navigate their options to manage and rehabilitate swallowing disorders. This handy pocket reference will help you select the right treatments to address the impairments you’ve diagnosed in your dysphagia patients. You’ll have easy access to information about anatomy, cranial nerves, treatment procedures,...
Head and Neck Cancer: Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Outcomes
05 February 2016
Head and Neck Cancer: Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Outcomes, Second Edition expands on recent advances in the management of head and neck cancer through a greater understanding of cancer cell growth and mechanisms, as well as the expansion of rehabilitation strategies across the allied health profession. Written by a team of internationally recognized...
Head and Neck Cancer information from around the world
16 December 2015
This site really does live up to its name. The Best Head and Neck Cancer Websites. In fact it would be better to call it a web portal! It hasn’t been updated for a few years, BUT a lot of the links still work and so if you have dysphagia as a result of head and neck cancer or are just want information about the condition it will be very – very...
Dementia information
07 December 2015
Some of those with Dementia will have swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) and need thickener in their drinks. Consequently we’ve been researching the condition and trying to find if those with it need specific drinks changing into Slõ Drinks to save them from thickened drinks. During the search we found this site above and the site below. Both...
A fantastic resource about Parkinson’s
01 December 2015
Researching what help is available to those with Parkinson’s and dysphagia, we discovered the World Parkinson’s Coalition. Quite simply – it is a fantastic resource for information about Parkinson’s. It contains lots of useful self-generated information and access to resources in different countries. This page lists all the known Parkinson’s...
Consistency Term Translators for everyone
16 October 2015
Following our last Blog and the ESSD conference we’ve now sent samples of Slõ Drinks to Dysphagia Specialists across Europe and beyond. For each we’ve produced a Consistency Term Translator to help them explain our consistencies to their patients and show what Slõ Drinks are available to help them. And… just in case they go to another County whilst...
Slõ Drinks Dysphagia Dictionary
13 February 2015
This is a list of all the commonly used terms and “Buzzwords” used by clinicians in the world of Dysphagia. Dysphagia Dictionary 2015
Conditions known to present with Dysphagia as a secondary symptom.
27 January 2015
We’ve found 127 primary conditions associated with dysphagia. If someone is suffering with any of them, Slõ Drinks will help. They flow slowly so they’re safer to swallow, helping those with Dysphagia to maintain their hydration levels – safely. Dysphagia Signs & Symptoms 

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