1 December 2015

Researching what help is available to those with Parkinson’s and dysphagia, we discovered the World Parkinson’s Coalition. Quite simply – it is a fantastic resource for information about Parkinson’s. It contains lots of useful self-generated information and access to resources in different countries. This page lists all the known Parkinson’s non-profit Organizations and

16 October 2015

Following our last Blog and the ESSD conference we’ve now sent samples of Slõ Drinks to Dysphagia Specialists across Europe and beyond. For each we’ve produced a Consistency Term Translator to help them explain our consistencies to their patients and show what Slõ Drinks are available to help them. And…

13 February 2015

This is a list of all the commonly used terms and “Buzzwords” used by clinicians in the world of Dysphagia. Dysphagia Dictionary 2015

27 January 2015

We’ve found 127 primary conditions associated with dysphagia. If someone is suffering with any of them, Slõ Drinks will help. They flow slowly so they’re safer to swallow, helping those with Dysphagia to maintain their hydration levels – safely. Dysphagia Signs & Symptoms