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Enhancing Patient Safety Through Early Detection and Management of Dysphagia
29 February 2024
By Mathew Done, Managing Director, Slõ: Drinks for Dysphagia In my 15 years focusing on developing drink thickening solutions for dysphagia patients, the intersection of dysphagia management and patient safety has become increasingly apparent. Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, presents not only as a significant health challenge but also as a...
Empowering your patients and carers to navigate dysphagia symptoms
19 February 2024
Clinicians frequently seeing dysphagia patients, know the huge an impact it can have on quality of life. Timely identification and intervention is crucial for effective care, and it’s important for clinicians to have access to the best resources, so you can support individuals and care settings to spot the signs and symptoms of dysphagia early. Being...
Thickened festive alcoholic and fizzy drinks
23 November 2023
The festive season is upon us, bringing with it celebrations aplenty and the joy of family gatherings. For many, it’s a season that’s synonymous with the clinking of glasses; of raising a toast with loved ones and friends, whether that’s a Prosecco, a glass of wine, a seasonal beer or even a special non-alcoholic soda. As a clinician, you know...
Journal of Prescribing Practice - October Oral Nutritional Supplements
02 October 2023
Thickened ONS that deliver nutrition and taste good
04 August 2023
Meals and snacks can be a source of anxiety or distress for patients with dysphagia. Not only can eating cause them concerns around possible aspiration and choking, it can often take hours out of the patient’s and their carer’s day, drastically reducing the amount of time they spend on activities that improve their quality of life. For some...
The first refreshing fizzy thickened drinks
19 June 2023
For many patients who live with dysphagia, the summer months can be a dispiriting time. As you know – it’s important they stay hydrated as the temperature rises, and recommending suitable thickening agents and pre-thickened drinks is a crucial element of the patient’s care plan. Yet one of the most frustrating aspects of dysphagia, for patients...
Should dysphagia patients have crushed medications?
02 February 2023
Last week on LinkedIn we read about a podcast created by Theresa Richards, an American Speech Pathologist and specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders. It discusses medication and the issues for Speech Pathologists (Therapists). It’s well-known Speech Therapists receive a continual flow of referrals when a patient can’t swallow their pills....
New practical training on pureed - dysphagia - diets by dietitians
08 November 2022
We recently read about a course that focused on creating pureed diets produced by Dietitian, Rachael Masters. Passionate about nutrition and a keen interest in dysphagia, Rachael wanted to provide a course that provides useful information and practical advice for caterers and people living at home. We therefore wanted to share what she has done...
Finding Dysphagia in Four: A simple swallow screen
01 September 2022
The signs and symptoms of dysphagia are familiar to Speech and Language Therapists/ Pathologists and Dietitians that see dysphagia patients daily. However, as you know, outside this sphere there are a huge number of health care professionals that are not. They may be unaware of how dysphagia can impact a patient’s recovery care plan. As a result,...
The perfect thickened drink
28 July 2022
Is a milkshake the perfect thickened drink? As you know, dysphagia patients struggle to stay hydrated. There’s lots of reasons for it and one of the main ones is they don’t like the texture of thickened drinks. A glass of juice, a cup of tea or coffee with thickener is strange because it’s not what they expect. We thought the best way to overcome...
Swallowing Assessment Pack for Dysphagia
11 May 2022
As you know, every dysphagia patient must have their swallowing difficulty assessed by a Speech and Language Therapist/Pathologist. However, making thickened drinks that flo slo enough to match all the IDDSI Levels 1, 2 and 3 takes time. To complicate matters, water is preferred for assessment but some patients just don’t like the look of thickener...
Dysphagia: A Geriatric Giant?
26 April 2022
“Geriatric Giants: A term coined by geriatrician Bernard Isaacs, and the expression refers to the principal chronic disabilities of old age that impact on the physical, mental and social domains of older adults”. Dysphagia is a big issue. Estimates suggest there are currently over 590,000,000 around the world suffering with it. As a result, David...
IDDSI Podcast
18 March 2022
As you know the IDDSI has been adopted here in the UK. Created to simplify descriptions of thickened drinks and pureed foods, it provides a common language for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.  Because it is so important, we invited one of the board members based here in the UK – Ben Hanson – to join us on our podcast...
How to swallow pills easily
03 December 2021
As we all know, swallowing medicinal pills and capsules is difficult for those with dysphagia. However, we wanted to discover why they struggle and conducted a survey with pharmacists.    The no. 1 reason given was, “I think I will choke or gag on them”.   In addition, we learnt that this doesn’t just affect patients with swallowing difficulties...
Slõ Vitamin Drops
14 October 2021
  Those with dysphagia struggle to eat enough to maintain their essential nutritional intake and that compromises their micro-nutrient intake or essential vitamins. We’ve therefore created Slõ Vitamin Drops. The first are common deficiencies in dysphagia patients, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 & K2. Vitamin C – also known as the Sunshine vitamin...
Slõ Drinks NHD Ad
21 September 2021
A multinational consensus on dysphagia in Parkinson’s disease (PD)
16 September 2021
We recently came across the above paper via Pere Clave on LinkedIn. He is the Director of Research, Innovation and Academic Development. Hospital de Mataró, Catalonia, Spain. With a special interest in Dysphagia he is the founding member of the European Society for Swallowing Disorders. The objective was to review literature available and to define...
Safety concerns over parallel imports of thickeners and thickened ONS
26 August 2021
We have been recently heard that there are concerns over the parallel imports of thickeners and thickened oral nutritional supplements and their labelling. As it was something new to us, it might be new to you too and so thought we should share it with the aim of raising awareness and suggesting that the outer IDDSI labelled packaging matches the...
IDDSI Survey
28 July 2021
As you know the IDDSI ( Framework has been in place in the UK for a few years now and recently a range of UK based IDDSI focused healthcare and business professionals have come together to form the UK IDDSI reference group (UKIRG).  I am a member of the group. The aim of the group is to build on the implementation work completed since...
Dysphagia Training for Care Staff and Carers
14 June 2021
We were recently made aware of this course and want to share it with you.   Having discussed it with Barbara – the Principal Pathologist – we are sure it will be useful to you or those you work with as it covers lots of issues faced by Care Staff.  Consequently, we asked Barbara to provide a summary for you before you visit:  “The...

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