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20 April 2021

Today, we all want answers quickly. That is especially true for Clinicians when they are with a patient, who asks a question they can’t answer.  As time is short, they may not have time to search the web or email, which means coming back with an answer.  This happened to a clinician that

2 March 2021

As you know, for those with dysphagia, the whole process of eating a meal stressful and exhausting, resulting in a diet lacking in essential protein and nutrients which in turn increase the risks of malnutrition, which is why getting the most out of every mouthful is vital. The British Nutrition

30 November 2020

Did you know – there is currently a lot of discussion about how room temperature affects thickened drink flow rates – specifically pre-thickened ONS? Temperature affects the way thickener works. As a result, drinks thin out as they warm up, putting the drinker at risk of aspiration and readmission. This is something we have always known and compensated for