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Helping David Attenborough save the seas
29 November 2019
As you know, David Attenborough is encouraging us all to reduce our use of single use plastic bottles and save our seas. Whilst we immediately think of water bottles, we think it applies to all plastic bottles; including those used for oral nutritional supplements. Have you ever considered how many ONS in plastic bottles patients use? One patient...
The Essential Puree Library Introduces The Seasons of Puree
11 June 2019
Diane Wolff is the author of many great puree recipes for those with dysphagia books. Like us here at Slõ Drinks she looks at how to normalise the everyday and make life a little easier for those with dysphagia. Diane has recently produced another book: The Purees of Summer: Safe Grilling for the Cookout, which is part of The Seasons of Puree...
Almond Soya and Rice Milk Supplements for Dysphagia
30 April 2019
As many people are now moving from whole milk to alternatives, we decided to test our supplements – Slõ Milkshakes+ – with the most popular; almond, soya and rice milk. Lactose free was excluded because our supplements include milk powder. After testing, soya and rice milk proved to mix well – but would not reach the necessary IDDSI 2 and...
Eating and Drinking with Dysphagia
01 February 2017
Eating and drinking with dysphagia is embarrassing for those with it. The article Older Adults’ Experiences of Dysphagia and Texture-Modified Diets raises the issue again and asks healthcare professionals to bear it in mind when creating a dietary plan for someone with dysphagia. By doing so it highlights how difficult it is for clinicians to create...

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