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11 March 2021
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How to swallow a medical pill easily
25 August 2020
The moment has come to take a medical pill. You are suddenly filled with fear and dread. What if you choke on the tablet or can’t get it down?   This is how many people think – but there is no need for them to panic. Difficulty swallowing pills affects one in three people, causing them to gag, choke or vomit.  The fear of choking can cause a dry...
Compounding Pharmacies – the future
29 August 2019
This article is a summary of research into the Compound Pharmacy market. It is thought provoking to read, as it investigates how medication is being provided and will be in the future – unless we can change it! The traditional role of compounding pharmacies is to make drugs prescribed by doctors that are specially tailored to patients that can’t...
Drug Induced Dysphagia
25 April 2018
Sarah Bouchard, a Speech and Language Pathologist and Founder of Collaborative for Adaptive Lifestyle Maintenance (Calm, LLC.), put a post on LinkedIn about Drug Induced dysphagia written by Karen Sheffler at Swallow Study. I realise explaining how I found the article seems lengthy and unnecessary. I’ll explain why I did it shortly. I want to share...
Prescribing advice for medicines and those with dysphagia
03 October 2016
The UK’s National Health Service has available some advice on prescribing medicines for those with dysphagia. Click here for the PDF of this advice The two papers we have found are written by the NHS’ Specialist Pharmacy Service and The UK Medicines Information (UKMI) pharmacists for NHS Healthcare professionals. The later also includes therapeutic...
Medication and dysphagia research
28 September 2016
There is very little research available on the use of medication with dysphagia patients. As at September 2016 we have only been able to find three studies. • Crushed Tables; Does the Administration of Food Vehicles and Thickened Fluids to Aid medication Swallowing, Alter Drug Release • Thickening agents used of dysphagia management: effect on...
Prescribing medicines for patients with dysphagia
22 September 2016
We have found this book on the internet which appears to be very helpful. To quote the author… ”It outlines the legal, pharmacological and clinical issues which should be considered when selecting the most appropriate course of action and provides practical advice on how best to prescribe and manage medication in this vulnerable group of...
Medicine Optimisation for those with swallowing difficulties - dysphagia
16 September 2016
Optimising Medication for those with dysphagia is a complicated issue. But no central resource exists to help healthcare professionals make informed decisions. Doctors, Pharmacists and Healthcare professionals have to search the internet for advice and information every time a patient presents with dysphagia. That’s time consuming and puts a huge...

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