9 November 2018

Carers and patients in America have been asking for easier ways to find and buy Slõ Milkshakes+, consequently they are now available from We are hoping this will allow us to help more people who have been struggling to thicken ordinary supplements with starch and gum thickeners. Slõ Milkshakes+

31 August 2018

Making a thickened drink to right consistency, that flows slowly enough for a person to drink without choking is difficult. Gaining agreement what that consistency is what it should look like has always been as difficult. Consequently, here in the UK the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative flow terms have been

31 July 2018

A Clinician here in the UK recently asked us, “Can you create a nutritional supplement that matches the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative 1, Slightly Thick flow rate?” It came up because since introducing these terms here, Speech Therapists think this new consistency is needed. It should help those currently

23 May 2018

As the IDDSI is launching this year here in the UK and all our Slõ Drinks match the IDDSI flow rates, we are changing our packaging include its descriptors. By adding them to the original terms we hope to accommodate those that want to continue to use the existing terms and

12 April 2018

As we speak to more Health Care Professionals about the new International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative terms and the possibility of adopting them, we are concerned there is going to be confusion and drinkers will be put at risk. The issue is the original consistency terms: Stage 1, 2 and

27 March 2018

A Dietitian recently told us about Bolero sugar free drinks, and after trying them, we believe those living with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) will find them extremely helpful and enjoyable to drink. Bolero is a powdered drink which is supplied in sachets. To make them, you simply mix the sachet contents

15 March 2018

Slõ Milkshakes+ are the 1st powdered high protein supplements for those living with dysphagia. We’ve created them because those with dysphagia only eat small amounts. It isn’t because they have a small appetite. It is because the condition means they eat very – very slowly. A small meal can take

15 February 2018

Powdered ONS – Oral Nutritional Supplements – are useful, except for those with swallowing difficulties. They can’t be thickened safely because starch and gum thickeners don’t mix with them. We therefore created a Slõ ONS. A Slõ Oral Nutritional Shake. Slõ Milkshakes+ contain a thickener that works with milk. As a

13 December 2017

Vitamin tablets are useful except for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets. Soluble vitamins are available but taste so bad they make them nauseous. We have therefore created a range of palatable alternatives called Slõ Sprays. Slõ Multi Vitamin Spray was the first, Slõ Vitamin D3 is our latest for

13 December 2017

On the way back from a meeting, our Founder Mathew, stopped at a motorway services for a drink and bought a 500ml bottle of juice. After making his choice, he started to walk away, stopped and turned back? He noticed the huge range of juice drinks packed in 500ml bottles