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Slõ Vitamin Drops
14 October 2021
As you know, eating with dysphagia is difficult and takes time which means many people may not have enough essential vitamins. We’ve therefore created Slõ Vitamin drops to help. The first are liquid Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 & K2. Vitamin C – also known as the Sunshine vitamin is reported to help the immune system, especially in the cold weather....
IDDSI Flow Rates at Room Temperature
30 November 2020
Did you know – there is currently a lot of discussion about how room temperature affects thickened drink flow rates – specifically pre-thickened ONS? Temperature affects the way thickener works. As a result, drinks thin out as they warm up, putting the drinker at risk of aspiration and readmission. This is something we have always known and...
The science behind Slõ Drinks
18 June 2020
To reduce the risks of those with dysphagia developing aspiration pneumonia; becoming dehydrated and readmitted to hospital, it is essential to change the consistency of all their drinks to slow them down to a manageable speed and make them safer to swallow. Here at the Slõ Drinks Company these essential consistency changes are made using drink...
Infection control of thickened drinks
21 May 2020
Due to Covid-19, infection control is now at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Back in 2017 Infection Control was a key target for the NHS and so we were the 1st company to apply an anti-bacterial barrier coating to our Slõ Milkshakes+ packaging. Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) can develop either as a direct result of healthcare interventions...
Drug Induced Dysphagia
25 April 2018
Sarah Bouchard, a Speech and Language Pathologist and Founder of Collaborative for Adaptive Lifestyle Maintenance (Calm, LLC.), put a post on LinkedIn about Drug Induced dysphagia written by Karen Sheffler at Swallow Study. I realise explaining how I found the article seems lengthy and unnecessary. I’ll explain why I did it shortly. I want to share...
Slõ Medication: A breakthrough and a challenge
07 June 2016
Taking medication is a daily reality for a growing number of people – but no one’s life should be dictated by it. For many, the only minor stress or inconvenience might be over a forgotten tablet or mislaid prescription, yet for those with swallowing disorders (dysphagia) the whole process can be overwhelming. What’s more, attempts to make it less...

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