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Safety concerns over parallel imports of thickeners and thickened ONS
26 August 2021
We have been recently heard that there are concerns over the parallel imports of thickeners and thickened oral nutritional supplements and their labelling. As it was something new to us, it might be new to you too and so thought we should share it with the aim of raising awareness and suggesting that the outer IDDSI labelled packaging matches the...
The 300ml IDDSI Level 1
18 August 2021
After trying our Slõ Milkshakes+ at IDDSI level 1, a clinician asked, “Why it is 300ml?” Especially as 200ml is the norm and Compact ONS are popular. If that has crossed your mind, we thought we should explain. The IDDSI level 1 is a relatively new flow rate description, and we took this as an opportunity to question what would be an ideal way...
ESSD and Slõ Drinks
06 October 2015
Last week we attended the European Society of Swallowing Disorders (ESSD) in Barcelona . Due to various commitments it has taken us three years to get there. If you haven’t made it – I seriously suggest putting it in your diary. Clinicians attend from all over Europe and from the rest of the world and they are all Dysphagia Specialists. As a place...

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