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Cerebral Palsy

24 February 2016

Whilst trying to understand Cerebral Palsy and educate ourselves on how dysphagia affects those with it we came across the following websites.

We are not affiliated to any of them; we just thought you would find them useful. Each contains lots of information and they all can be used as a gateway to other Cerebral Palsy sites.

This site appears to be the first one and talks in detail about what they are trying to help those with Cerebral Palsy and those without it understand the condition.


This one – we found the most useful.


It provides information on the best books, care practices and links to other sites like the United Cerebral Palsy one below. That in turn provides its own information and links to International Cerebral Palsy Organizations.


We hope you find them as useful we did and if you find any others, please let us know so we can share them too.


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