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Christmas drinks for those with dysphagia

27 October 2015

At Christmas…more than any other time of the year, most people want to enjoy a glass of wine, beer, a whisky or a drop of bubbly.

Slõ Christmas Drinks Card

That includes those with dysphagia.

But the thought of having thickened alcoholic drinks puts them off. It’s partly because they look and taste terrible – but mostly it’s the embarrassment of people seeing thickener scooped into his or her drinks. We’ve therefore brought this to an end.

Our sachets are so small they can be discreetly added to a drink without drawing unwanted attention. Better still they look exactly the same as ordinary drinks – so nobody can tell what they are and taste the same as a person’s favorite alcoholic drinks – they just flow slowly and are safer to swallow.

So to help make this year extra special, a full box of 50 Slõ Drinks doesn’t have to be bought.

We will wrap and post any 5 sachets from our relaxing range. Slõ Wine, Slõ Beer, Slõ Cider, Slõ fizzy or Slõ Spirits.

They can all be the same or a mix.

The prices shown below are quoted in UK £ they will be converted to your currency when you place the order:

£ 3.00 UK

£ 5.45 Rest of Europe

£ 6.15 Australia and New Zealand

£ 6.30 Rest of the world

To order call us on +44 3452 222 205 or click this link (Slõ Christmas Drinks)

Simply select the drinks you would like to order, select a delivery location and check out,

(If you are unsure which consistency there are translations, look here)

Merry Christmas!

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