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Christmas Drinks for those with Swallowing Difficulties

4 November 2016

Christmas is just around the corner and we would like to help those with dysphagia celebrate with our new online shop.

It allows us to provide Slõ Drinkers special offers and discounts and so this year if they use this code XMAS16 it will give 10% off Slõ Christmas Drinks.

It can be used to order Slõ Wine, Slõ Beer or Slõ Fizzy to add to a glass of Champagne or Asti on Christmas Day and New Year. It doesn’t matter. The discount applies to them all.

Just log on to choose the Slõ Drinks required and at the check out type in this code XMAS16 to receive 10% of the order.

Remember to place orders before the 19th of December to make sure it arrives in time for Christmas.


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