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Compounding Pharmacies – the future

29 August 2019

This article is a summary of research into the Compound Pharmacy market. It is thought provoking to read, as it investigates how medication is being provided and will be in the future – unless we can change it!

The traditional role of compounding pharmacies is to make drugs prescribed by doctors that are specially tailored to patients that can’t be met by commercially available drugs. For example:

  • A person may be allergic to one of the ingredients in the commercial version of a drug.
  • A young child may need a small, liquid dose of a drug made only in adult-dosage tablets.
  • Liquid versions of medications that are normally available only in pill form for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills.

The last two points interest us most.

These “Specials” have been made for decades, as the large Pharmaceutical Companies focus on high use – important drugs. However, in recent years, the role of compounding pharmacies has expanded to full fill drug shortages.

Important drugs have historically been unavailable for short periods. But now the delay can be for months and sometimes a year. Consequently, compounding pharmacies are being looked to on a larger scale to try and resolve drug manufacturing problems. Therein lies the big problem. “Specials” are very expensive and the ongoing cost to the user is massive.

Slõ Tablets will help: created to reduce these spiralling costs by reducing the need for liquid versions of drugs and making solid generic cost-saving tablets and capsules easier to swallow.

Bearing that in mind, as you read the summary, I hope you find the research as interesting as we did:

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