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Critical Thinking in Dysphagia Management

26 January 2016

Last year Ianessa and Emily launched this course. It offered lots of useful and practical dysphagia management advice, consequently so we asked them to tell us about any future courses we can tell you about. So…

Critical Thinking in Dysphagia Management: Blazing a New Clinical Trail will be offered in Gainesville FL on the campus of the University of Florida on March 19 and 20, 2016.

This exciting, interactive course offers training on how to obtain and track objective information about your patients’ swallowing ability during both clinical and instrumental swallowing evaluations, how to create a clinical decision tree for patients with dysphagia, and hands on workshops in EMST (expiratory muscle strength training), sEMG (surface electromyography), E-stim (surface electrical stimulation), and lingual strengthening! This course offers 1.55 ASHA CUEs.

We will extend the early bird discount of $350/attendee for groups of 5 or more. Please email to receive the PROMO CODE for this discount.

Details about the course can be found here:

Past reviews of the course can be found here:

Background info that led to the creation of the course and funding by the ASHFOUNDATION can be found here:


Ianessa Humbert, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Emily K. Plowman, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Associate Professor
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Director, Neuromotor Speech & Swallowing Restoration Laboratory

Clinical Director, Center for Respiratory Research & Rehabilitation

University of Florida

Lab Website:


Phone: 352-273-9215

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