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Cutting the cost of supplements for those with dysphagia

19 October 2016

Cutting the cost of supplements is a priority for Healthcare Organizations. We all know that.
For those with dysphagia and their carers, it’s a priority too.

I think we’ve forgotten that.

Large Healthcare Organizations and providers around the world are able to negotiate substantial discounts because of the high volumes they use.

But, individuals can’t benefit from the same discounts because they don’t buy enough quickly enough.

That seems unfair when supplements are a necessary part of a dysphagia management plan. The same applies to tins of thickener or pre-thickened drinks.

So – we are going to change that.

We have built a new shop on our website that allows us to provide discounts to those regularly buying supplements or thickener.

For example, when someone buys Slõ Milkshakes+ for the 1st time via our website they will receive a Discount Code to use with their next purchase. The more bought, the higher the discount.

They can also choose to become a member of the Slõ Drinkers Club.

To become a member, they complete their details and set up a password. That entitles them to offers and discounts on all our Slõ Drinks; and as the site is fully interactive they can re-order, track their order, see their order history and so on.

We think this is the 1st time something like this has been done for those with dysphagia and hope it will help ease some of their financial burden.

Hopefully you think the same and if you would like to see the new Slõ Drinks shop visit


Mathew Done: Founder


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