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Dysphagia Management Course

23 June 2017

Considerations in Dysphagia Management, is a new course from ASHA.

The course includes suggestions for best practice and importantly how to manage rarer dysphagia cases. This is an important new addition to courses we have previously seen?

Dysphagia and its affect on treating a range of primary conditions is increasingly being recognized. As a direct result, more time is being spent on creating best practice programs and care plans that are condition specific. This can only be good for the long term benefit
of those with dysphagia.

Whilst this course has been created for Speech Patholagists/Therapists it would be very useful for other Health Care Professionals to attend.

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Save 20%. Earn 0.35 ASHA CEUs.

Be more prepared to manage your rarer dysphagia cases, and support improved decision making by taking our brand-new Online Journal Course, Considerations in Dysphagia Management.

Learn how to do all of the following:

  • Explain the nature of injury and management strategies for individuals with
    dysphagia that has resulted from chemical ingestion
  • Describe a new speaking valve technology with the potential to enhance quality of life for patients with tracheostomy
  • Define legal and ethical terminology that is relevant to dysphagia management, and critique the practice of requiring waivers of liability


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