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Dysphagia Training for Care Staff and Carers

14 June 2021

We were recently made aware of this course and want to share it with you.  

Having discussed it with Barbara – the Principal Pathologist – we are sure it will be useful to you or those you work with as it covers lots of issues faced by Care Staff. 

Consequently, we asked Barbara to provide a summary for you before you visit: 

“The Course is suitable for all staff such as PCAs, nurses and FSA as it covers the basics of swallowing safety and food and fluid modifications. I have outlined the Course content below. 

Ideally the Course needs to be completed within one month of sending the link to the staff members. It takes an hour to complete and those who pass receive a Certificate of Successful Completion.  


  1. Why Do a Safe Swallowing Education Program?
    a. How Common are Swallowing Problems?
    b. Compliance & Duty of Care
  1. What is a Swallowing Problem? (Dysphagia)
    a. Some terms explained
    b. Normal Swallow
    c. Abnormal Swallow
  1. Causes of Swallowing Problems
  1. Symptoms of Swallowing Problems
    a. What to look for 
  1. Swallowing Assessment
    a. What is a Speech Pathologist’s Role in Swallowing Problems?
  1. Contributing Factors 


  1. Managing Safe Swallowing
    a. Safe Swallowing Procedures

    b. Your important role as a carer 
  1. IDDSI Food and Fluid Modifications 

Thank you for your interest and understanding that swallowing safety is paramount in prevention, not only of a choking risk, but also that of potentially fatal, aspiration pneumonia”. 

Kind regards 

Barbara Braithwaite 

Principal Speech Pathologist Safe Swallowing Team  


We hope you find it helpful. 

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