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ESSD and Slõ Drinks

6 October 2015

Last week we attended the European Society of Swallowing Disorders (ESSD) in Barcelona . Due to various commitments it has taken us three years to get there.

If you haven’t made it – I seriously suggest putting it in your diary.

Clinicians attend from all over Europe and from the rest of the world and they are all Dysphagia Specialists.

As a place to swap and exchange ideas, debate and offer alternative points of view it is in my humble opinion unrivalled. We have been to a lot of conferences and I think it is one of the best.

We will keep you updated via our twitter feeds but you can sign up for updates at this years site

In the meantime clinicians wanted to know how Slõ Drinks can work in their country as they use different terns to those in the UK. The answer is simple.

Our numbers stay the same for every country; we change the description underneath and provide a consistency Translator.

As an example: for Germany we have produced the Consistency Term Translator below.
If we have it right you should be able to understand it, even if you don’t speak German!


Slõ Drinks Consistency Translator DE

Then we over print the front of our labels with the terms they use and translate the instructions on the back.

Thickened Drinks

This means it doesn’t matter where a dysphagia patient travels in the world, when they have a Slõ Drink and it will always be the same consistency.


Mathew Done

Founder: Slõ Drinks

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