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Five Days Following a Modified Texture Diet

5 February 2018

We read this article in CN Focus about a clinician having a Dysphagia Diet for a week. It provides a useful insight into the issues faced by those with dysphagia and their carers and as a result wanted to share it.

To summarize….

Dysphagia following stroke affects a significant proportion of patients, with figures ranging between 37-78%. As dysphagia can have significant consequences on nutrient intake and overall nutritional status, the importance of improving the nutritional management within this patient group is increasingly recognised.

Due to the difficulties in meeting patients nutritional requirements on modified texture diets, and the increasing rates of malnutrition within this population, the royal College of Physicians (rCP) Stroke Guidelines recommend that all patients requiring a modified texture diet should be assessed by a dietitian.

As a Stroke Specialist Dietitian, I wanted to gather more practical information about following a modified texture diet; specifically, I wanted to better understand the challenges and barriers this patient group face. By following a liquidised and pureed diet myself for five days, I intended to find ways in which I could help and support patients and their families in adhering to potentially lifesaving recommendations. the aim of this article is to share my personal experience of this first-hand approach.

Read the full article here: Five Days Following a Modified Texture Diet

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