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Free Download of Shake Rattle and Roll Series Now Online

21 June 2016

As you know we Blogged before about Diane Wolff and her drive to improve the lives of those with dysphagia and their carers.

She has now launched a new series of quick and easy ideas which are free to download.

We’ve therefore asked her again to tell you a little bit about it. We hope it’s helpful.


“Quickies for Caregivers: The New Series from Essential Puree

Essential Puree is pleased to announce a new series of e-books entitled Quickies for Caregivers. 


To introduce the series, we are offering a free download of the the first volume Shake Rattle and Roll.  

This e-book contains quickie recipes for fantastic milkshakes, the Miami Shake, the Memphis Shake and the Detroit Shake, to spike the patient’s interest. These snacks are easy, delicious and ready in a flash. This means an end to patient boredom. It is truly portable and can be displayed on any mobile device, including tablets and phones.

An esteemed Speech  Language Pathologist of our acquaintance educated Essential Puree on the need for nutritionally dense snacks for the dysphagia patient. Caregivers must pay attention to the need for extra calories and nutrition in the pureed diet. The desserts and snacks help to give the patient on the dysphagia or swallowing difficulty diet much-needed calories to keep them from losing weight.

As any good caregiver is aware, when the loved one with swallowing difficulties drops too much weight on the pureed diet, they lose immune function and have more difficulty in fighting off infection.

So here is the Essential Puree solution. We offer it  with a salute to all the caregivers out there who are the unsung heroes of the healthcare world. This applies to those family members as well as professional caregivers.

Be sure to take a look at the first e-book in the new Quickies for Caregivers Cooking the Seasons series. The first volume is The Purees of Summer. The new series focuses on the iconic foods of each season and one healthy cooking method for the season. The first volume focuses on the indoor grill and the burgers and dogs of summer, with all the classic sides.

Here’s the link for the free  download.

Swirl Away!”

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