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HCPCS Code B4100 for thickened drinks and Slõ Drinks?

4 September 2015

To reimburse tins of thickener bought to make thickened drinks, many use the HCPCS Code B4100 – Food Thickener administered orally, per ounce.

The great news is Slõ Drinks sachets can be described the same way!  Consequently, B4100 can be used claim re-imbursement for Slõ Drinks.

That said, remember having a designation just streamlines the process. It doesn’t mean Slõ Drinks will automatically be reimbursed.

They should be, but we suggest checking with the State or Insurer they accept Slõ Drinks are covered.


Mathew Done

Founder: Slõ Drinks

Thickened Drinks.

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