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Nutrition & Dysphagia
If it’s difficult eating whole meals
A Slõ Milkshake+ will provide essential calories, protein, vitamins & minerals needed
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Nutrition & Dysphagia
Enjoy Drinking Slõ...
A Slõ Milkshake+ will provide essential calories, protein, vitamins & minerals
Enjoy Socializing - wine
Enjoy a drink with friends
Change a favourite wine into Slõ Wine
Enjoy Tea & Coffee
Enjoy Drinking Slõ...
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How to enjoy drinking with dysphagia

Those with dysphagia need Slõ Drinks. Thickened drinks that flow Slõ.

Our innovative, pre-measured sachets therefore provide a reliable and convenient way to enhance the safety and comfort of swallowing, so those with dysphagia can rediscover joy and confidence in drinking.

How we’ve made it easy

  1. Choose your drink. Pick a favourite hot, cold, soda (fizzy) or alcoholic drink that you’d like to thicken and change into a Slõ one.

  2. Choose your thickness. Pick from IDDSI Levels 1, 2 or 3, depending on your level of swallowing difficulty.

  3. Mix your drink. Add a pre-measured sachet of your chosen Slõ Drinks thickener to your drink and mix it well.

  4. Enjoy with confidence. Your drink is now a Slõ one – the ideal thickness for safer swallowing and enjoyment.

Slõ Drinks for every need and taste

Every person with dysphagia has unique needs and favourite drinks and you can change them all into Slõ ones. Whether you’re looking for a slightly thickened Slõ Soda (fizzy) drink, a moderately thickened glass of Slõ Wine or a very thick and creamy Slõ Milkshake; you can find them below.

Slõ Hydration

Stay hydrated safely

Slõ Nutrition

Boost energy and nutrient levels

Slõ Medication And Supplements

Makes pills easy-to-swallow

Slõ Relaxation

Enjoy alcohol safely

At Slõ, we’re committed to enhancing the lives of those with dysphagia and other swallowing difficulties. We’ve developed our range of thickened drink and ONS products based on extensive research and scientific knowledge to ensure optimal nutrition, hydration and taste.

With a diverse range of products containing pre-measured levels of thickeners that can be added to a variety of hot and cold drinks, we’re helping clinicians and carers prioritise safety, convenience and quality of care, whilst providing peace of mind to clinicians and patients alike.

At Slõ, we believe in fostering a supportive community for healthcare professionals, patients and carers who are navigating the challenges of dysphagia care.

Healthcare professionals can stay connected through our Clinicians’ Library and we have a blog for patients and carers, where you’ll find lots of information about dysphagia management and care, as well as all the latest news about our Slõ products.

And if you want to speak to us directly call us on 03452 222 205 or email

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