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How to make lots of thickened drinks safely

2 October 2019

All of us need lots of drinks a day, however making lots of thickened drinks and adding just the right amount of thickener to each one is time consuming, difficult and stressful.

Consequently, we have been looking for a solution and our sachet provided the answer.

Like moving from loose leaf tea to a tea bag, moving from a tin of thickener to our sachet – it’s simple to make a safe drink.

The sachet eliminates the need to “scoop and hope” – scoop thickener into a drink and hope it makes a drink to the right consistency. Our sachets ensure a drink always matches the consistency prescribed because…

…the Slõ Cold Drink sachet contains enough thickener to make 500mls of a cold drink. That’s enough to provide drinks for several people or several drinks for one person in the day. Carers can also put two sachets together to make 1 litre of a drink.

The Slõ Hot Drink sachet contains enough thickener for one drink. We have found it impossible to make a hot drink in large volume because of the amount of thickener required.

Every sachet is printed with preparation instructions. No one has to search for instructions. This guarantees that if the kitchen closes, a client can have a drink as every carer will be able to make a Slõ Drink.

Our sachets also ensures our thickener works properly. Thickener is very sensitive to moisture and so if the lid is left off or a damp scoop in a tin, it degrades quickly and won’t thicken as well as when the tin was first opened.

Conversely, our sachets keep our thickener fresh in an air tight atmosphere. As a result, a Slõ Drink made with the last sachet will be as safe to swallow as one made with the first and you never have to throw any away.

Finally and most importantly for the drinker, our thickener dissolves quickly to ensure Slõ Drinks are totally lump free and smooth. It is tasteless and odourless. Slõ Drinks always look as clear and bright as an ordinary drink and taste as good as them too, to give back the simple pleasure of an enjoyable drink.

The Slõ Cold Drink sachet can be used to make any water based cold drink safer to swallow; fruit juice from cordial, juice from concentrate (no bits), vitamin water, flavoured waters or plain water from the tap.

The Slõ Hot Drink sachets can be used in the same way to make coffee and traditional tea – with or without milk, flavoured tea or a hot juice drink from cordial. It can’t be used with chocolate or malt based hot drinks because of the thickener these contain.

To try this new, easier way to make lots of thickened drinks safely, please click here: Slõ Shop.


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