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How to swallow a medical pill easily

25 August 2020

The moment has come to take a medical pill. You are suddenly filled with fear and dread. What if you choke on the tablet or can’t get it down?  

This is how many people think – but there is no need for them to panic. Difficulty swallowing pills affects one in three people, causing them to gag, choke or vomit. 

The fear of choking can cause a dry mouth or make the throat tense and narrow. This may stem from a previous experience of choking or a specific health issue, such as dysphagia – the medical term for swallowing difficulties.  

Tough to swallow 

To make matters worse, the internet is filled with advice on how to swallow a medial pill.  From crushing up those large, bitter-tasting tablets to sealing your lips around a bottle of water so no air enters your mouth when you swallow, the plethora of differing advice available can be enough to fill you with even more anxiety!  

The internet also offers parents advice on teaching their children how to swallow a medical pill. While many medicines for children come in chewable and liquid forms, many tablets must be taken in pill form and cannot be crushed or chewed. This would be dangerous or prevent the medicine from working as it should.  

So, is there a universal solution that makes swallowing pills easy for adults and children alike? The answer is yes.  

How to swallow a pill the easy way 

At Slõ Drinks, we are dedicated to helping those with swallowing difficulties and have created Pill-Eze, that makes swallowing medical pills easy and pleasant. 

Whether an adult with a mild swallowing difficulty or diagnosed with dysphagia, or a mum who wants to teach her child how to swallow a medical pill, Pill-Eze will help. 

What is Pill-Eze? 

With Pill-Eze, you no longer need worry about how to swallow a medical pill. This pleasant cherry-flavoured liquid is ready-prepared and specially formulated to make swallowing pills easy, and enjoyable. Made with purified water, this pleasant inert thickened liquid will take away your fear and anxiety. 

Just one press of the pump delivers approximately 10 ml of Pill-Eze onto your spoon. The liquid wraps around the tablet and holds it in suspension to be safely swallowed. Once inside the stomach, Pill-Eze breaks down, leaving the tablet to act as intended, while you are left with a pleasant cherry after-taste. 

Who can take Pill-Eze? 

Pill-Eze has no side-effects and is suitable for anyone age 3 and above, including diabetics.  Whether you are a busy mother, a professional caregiver, or someone who simply dreads swallowing pills, Pill-Eze is safe and effective.  

Pill-Eze is comparable to the Ph level of the stomach (4.2pH), making it the perfect solution for swallowing a wide range of tablets and has been subjected to over 100 scientific studies with independent GLP ISO9001 laboratories. 

Order your sample today!  

Just one press of Pill-Eze can change the way you experience taking medical tablets forever. So, forget worrying about how to swallow a medical pillorder a sample by emailing your address to  

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