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Do you have difficulty swallowing pills?

Difficulty in swallowing pills is a common problem, causing one in three people to gag, choke or vomit and we can help to show you how to swallow a pill with Pill-Eze.

How to Swallow a Pill

Here at Slõ Drinks, we specialize in helping those with swallowing difficulties and understand the anxiety swallowing pills can cause and the unnecessary stress it can bring. As specialists in helping those with dysphagia and those with swallowing difficulties, we have created Pill-Eze, that makes taking all types of pills as easy as 1, 2, 3.  

Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Place a pill, tablet or capsule on a spoon.


2. Cover with Pill-Eze; 5 or 10ml.


3. Swallow together and finish with water* if necessary


Makes Swallowing Pills Easy

Whether you are affected by dysphagia, just don’t like swallowing pills or you are a mother who wants to help make taking pills pleasant for your little one, Pill-Eze can help.  

 Ready-prepared and specially formulated to make swallowing pills quick, easy, and enjoyable. It has a pleasant cherry-flavour that hides the bad, powdery taste of a pill. 

Who can use Pill-Eze?

Whether you are a busy mother, a professional caregiver or someone who simply dreads swallowing pills, Pill-Eze can be used safely and effectively.   

Pill-Eze has no side-effects and is suitable for anyone age 3 and above,  
including diabetics. 

Safe and effective

Pill-Eze has been subjected to over 100 scientific compatibility studies in collaboration with independent GLP ISO9001 laboratories. It is comparable to the Ph level of the stomach (4.2pH), making it the perfect solution for swallowing a wide range of pills including:  

Take away the stress

Forget the stress and risks associated with skipping medication, crushing up pills and thinking of ways to mask their taste.  Pill-Eze can change the way you experience taking pills forever. 


Pill-Eze is available to buy without prescription.

To order your Pill-Eze and make swallowing pills easy

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