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How to swallow pills easily

3 December 2021

As we all know, swallowing medicinal pills and capsules is difficult for those with dysphagia. However, we wanted to discover why they struggle and conducted a survey with pharmacists.   

The no. 1 reason given was, “I think I will choke or gag on them”.  

In addition, we learnt that this doesn’t just affect patients with swallowing difficulties – it is a massive problem for people with a normal swallow function. 

If that’s something you hear – remember our latest Slõ Drink will help: Pill-Eze. It is created to make pills easy to swallow.  

A pre-thickened liquid, you simply put a pill on a spoon, cover with 5-10ml of Pill-Eze and drink together. Pill-Eze carries the pills, helping them glide down safely and though the esophagus.  

Better still, its sweet cherry flavour helps to make it a pleasant experience, hiding the powdery and sour taste of a pill’s coating. 

It’s also important to remember that Pill-Eze is inert. It doesn’t interact with medication in it or compromise the effects of medication like jams and yoghurts do, allowing people to take the full benefit of the medication they take. 

Taking a pill is such a small every day thing but so many people struggle with it and so the next time you hear someone say they struggle with pills, capsules or their medication – remember Pill-Eze makes taking pills easy.  

There’s more information at You can ask for a sample and its available to buy without prescription from us at:  

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