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How to take laxatives with a swallowing difficulty – dysphagia

14 July 2020

People with swallowing difficulties – dysphagia;  frequently require laxatives.  

Powdered laxatives are available. However, they must be mixed 125mls water. That doesn’t seem much to drink but those with dysphagia do not drink much. 125mls is a large proportion of their daily intake. 

They are difficult to impossible to thicken and so making them is stressful for the carer. That puts the drinker at increased risk of choking. Even worse – they taste foul.  

Our latest Slõ Drink, it makes pills as easy to swallow as 1,2,3. Simply put a pill on a spoon, cover with a small amount of Pill-Eze and swallow together.  

Pill-Eze can be used with laxatives because it is a thickened liquid. It is moderately thick and suitable for those diagnosed with dysphagia needing IDDSI Levels 1, 2 or 3.  

To thicken it we use a tasteless and odourless starch thickener that is virtually chemically inert. This makes it safe to use for nearly everyone and with almost all medicines, vitamin supplements and, of course, laxatives.  

As it is thick, it covers a pills’ dry coating to lubricate it.  This makes it slippy so pills won’t get stuck. They will just glide easily down the throat. All that’s left in the mouth is a sweet pleasant cherry aftertaste.   

When the pill and Pill-Eze arrive at the stomach, Pill-Eze quickly dissolves leaving the laxative to provide its intended relief.  

Taking laxatives is necessary but it doesn’t need to be difficult, stressful or put the drinker at risk of choking. Pill-Eze makes taking laxatives pills easy and safe.  

To start making laxatives easy to swallow click here: Pill-Eze. 

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