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IDDSI 3 Rating for Slõ Tablets

10 June 2019

As you know, we are following the IDDSI standards so all our Slõ products can be used with confidence around the world.

Last week, Slõ Tablets were submitted to an independent IDDSI testing by Kathryn and her team in Australia as part of a research into medication and dysphagia.

They felt Slõ Tablets should be given an IDDSI 3 flow rating.  As we respect her opinion we reviewed our own tests and results again.

We found we tested Slõ Tablets in what we considered optimum conditions i.e. only kept in a fridge; a commercial/ professional one used in larger nursing homes and kept on the lowest, coldest shelf.

Whilst those conditions are suitable for some, we must be pragmatic. This is the only way to meet one of our driving principals: Slõ products should be easy to use in every environment and by everyone.

As a direct result, all our packaging and information leaflets will be amended to show that Slõ Tablets have an IDDSI 3 flow rating.

To find out more about Slõ Tablets please click here: Slõ Tablets.

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