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IDDSI Flow Rates at Room Temperature

30 November 2020

Did you know – there is currently a lot of discussion about how room temperature affects thickened drink flow rates – specifically pre-thickened ONS?

Temperature affects the way thickener works. As a result, drinks thin out as they warm up, putting the drinker at risk of aspiration and readmission. This is something we have always known and compensated for in all Slõ Drinks. 

You can see the lengths we go to ensure every Slõ Drink matches an IDDSI flow rate here: 

Consequently, Slõ Milkshakes+ contain enough thickener to match the prescribed flow rate for 3 hours at room temperature. Here in the UK that’s appox. 18°C. After this point, the milk in them typically starts to warm and room temperature milk is not nice. 

However, if a Slõ Milkshakes+ is kept in the fridge and taken out when required they will be safe to drink all day. 

To start making Slõ Drinks that are always safer to drink, click here.

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