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IDDSI Level 1 ONS Labels

26 May 2021

IDDSI Level 1, Slightly Thick flow rate is increasingly being prescribed to patients. It provides a perfect last step for a patient to progress onto ordinary – thin fluids.

Whilst transitioning to thin fluids, patients can still need to supplement their nutritional intake. As a direct result we created our Slõ Milkshakes+ ONS at IDDSI Level 1.

They are the only ONS clearly labelled IDDSI Level 1 available on prescription.

There are lots of ONS available that claim to be an IDDSI Level 1. However, the packaging does not feature an IDDSI Level and can only be used after reading a long list of warnings.

As you can imagine, at point of use, this would cause confusion, especially in a care facility with multiple carer’s. They know their client(s) is still recovering from dysphagia and still needs thickened fluids. Why are they having an ONS that does not feature an IDDSI flow rate?

If this is also a concern for you, you can eliminate it by prescribing our Slõ Milkshakes+ IDDSI Level 1, with the PIP Codes below.

IDDSI Level Strawberry Chocolate Banana
1 4160271 4160289 4176152


Each packet features clear pictorial/ written instructions and details about temperature. You can therefore be confident it is safe for your patient to swallow and help them boost their protein levels by a huge 27g.

They should enjoy them too. Not too sweet, no metallic aftertaste they taste good made with whole fresh milk from the fridge.

We hope you find them helpful. In the meantime, if you want a sample sent direct to your patient you can use our encrypted on-line form. Go to and at the top of the page click the HCP button. When in the Clinicians Library, just click the Sample button to open the form and complete your details.

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