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IDDSI Level 1 ONS Labels

26 May 2021

IDDSI Level 1, Slightly Thick flow rate is increasingly being prescribed to patients. It provides a perfect last step for people to progress onto ordinary – thin fluids.

However, whilst transitioning to thin fluids, people can still need to supplement their nutritional intake. As a direct result we created Slõ Milkshakes+ ONS at IDDSI Level 1.

They are the only available oral nutritional supplement – clearly labelled IDDSI Level 1. There are lots of ONS available that claim to be an IDDSI Level 1. However, the packaging does not feature the IDDSI Level 1.

That can be a worry for many, who are unsure if the completed drink will be safe. After making so much progress, why take the risk drinking something that might be OK when you can be sure a Slõ Milkshake+ is safe to swallow and matches the IDDSI Level 1.

Like all our Slõ Milkshake+ they are not too sweet, have no metallic aftertaste and taste fresh made with whole milk from the fridge. They also provide a huge amount of protein, 27g!

If you are therefore living with dysphagia and need fluids at IDDSI Level 1, you may find them very useful and can read more about them here:

We hope you find them helpful.

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