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IDDSI Survey

28 July 2021

As you know the IDDSI ( Framework has been in place in the UK for a few years now and recently a range of UK based IDDSI focused healthcare and business professionals have come together to form the UK IDDSI reference group (UKIRG).  I am a member of the group.

The aim of the group is to build on the implementation work completed since IDDSI was launched in the UK in 2018.  By raising further awareness about the framework, we are aiming to extend its use and ensure HCPs are better supported when using the framework.

To support this work, we are gathering information to form a real understanding about what you and your colleagues think and know about the framework.

Any feedback you provide will help us to plan and implement the best way forward to support you and the ongoing use of IDDSI in the UK.

To help us do that – please complete and return this quick questionnaire; and share or forward it to your colleagues.

The closing date for responses is Thursday 30th September 2021.


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