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Thickened drinks that feature the IDDSI terms

31 August 2018

IDDSI Thickened Drinks

Those with dysphagia can never be sure the thickened drinks they have are safe for them to swallow, because everyone has their own idea of what is the right consistency. IDDSI thickened drinks aim to change that.

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative flow terms are now being adopted, both in the UK and across the world allowing everyone to agree when a thickened drink or as we like to say a Slõ Drink is the right consistency and safer to swallow. However, being sure that a thickened drink follows the IDDSI standard is still tricky.

We have therefore been changing our packaging to include the terms.

Our Slõ Milkshake+ packaging is the latest and as you can see we have kept the original terms too.

We decided to include the old and new terms on our packaging to help healthcare professionals and patients transition between the two, reducing the risks of patients having their drinks at the wrong consistency.

Consequently as we start to increasingly sell in other countries we will amend the packaging to include the indigenous terms. E.g. In America the numbers remain the same and so they will be listed as Nectar, Mildly Thick. In Australia the terms remain the same and so we will change the numbers to Level 150, IDDSI 2.

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