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If you are buying pre-thickened drinks or tins of thickener like…

5 January 2016

Thick-it or Simply Thick…we will send you our Slõ Drinks sachets to try.

Scooping thickener into every drink takes lots of time and you can never be sure you’ve added the right amount until it’s too late. We call it “scoop and hope!”

There are pre-thickened drinks – but there’s a limited choice you can buy.

We’ve therefore made it easy for you to make favourite drinks safer to swallow.

We have worked out how much thickener each drink needs and put enough  for one drink into a sachet. Simply mix it with the amount of liquid we specify to change it into a Slõ Drink.


Slõ Sachets Group Shot Master 08 15

That means you can just add our sachet to your favourite drinks!

It can be your favourite fizzy drink, a mug of coffee or cup of tea made just the way you want it, glass of wine or even beer. Shop 

It doesn’t matter! It will still look like your favourite drink and taste like it – it just flows slowly so it can be swallowed without worry.

If you therefore want to try some Slõ Drinks just email your address to

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