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Is syrup or nectar consistency safe enough?

31 May 2016

Nectar Consistency

Syrup and nectar consistency or honey and custard consistency are the main terms used to describe the consistency of a drink someone with dysphagia should have. But are they safe enough?

Someone may be better with a thin syrup/ nectar consistency. Someone else may be better with a very thick syrup/ nectar consistency.

Fine tuning drinks in this way and optimizing the consistency for the drinker makes swallowing as worry free as possible for them.

That’s why our sachets and cups contain exactly the right amount of thickener to change a drink into a Slõ Drink at a specific consistency.

Let’s say you’re making a Slõ Wine at Stage 1 with 175ml of wine. That will be the optimal consistency.

However, the drinker thinks it needs to be thinner – so you add 5 or 10mls of wine. If they think it needs to be thicker, reduce the amount of wine by 5 or 10mls. It’s still a “nectar” consistency – but it’s a perfect nectar consistency for the drinker.

Nectar Consistency

When the optimal consistency has been found and the volume of wine needed decided, as long that amount of wine is used every time – every glass of Slõ Wine will always be that optimal consistency.

That applies to every Slõ Drink. You can optimize them all to make swallowing a Slõ Drink as comfortable as possible.


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