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Liquid Medication Alternatives

16 May 2019

Liquid medications, solutions and syrups have been created to help those that have difficulty swallowing solid tablets and capsules.

This swallowing difficulty can be due to a person finding tablets painful. Some have a phobia of choking. Some have dysphagia. Whatever the reason, it means they are restricted to the few medications available as a liquid. They can’t take advantage of the huge variety of solid dose ones available.

We have therefore been working on a solution to change that and created Slõ Tablets: a thickened liquid, with a cherry flavour that makes swallowing solid tablets comfortable.

It is very simple to use. Put the tablet on a spoon and cover it with the Slõ Tablet liquid. This coats the tablet and holds it in suspension.

No swallow control is required. Gravity helps the Slõ Tablet glide slowly and safely into the stomach without pain or choking.

There it quickly dissolves allowing the tablet to provide its medication and intended relief. This mirrors the actions of the liquid medication. The only difference is the tablets are bigger than the particulates in liquid medication.

It’s important to remember that once swallowed – Slõ Tablets leaves a pleasant cherry aftertaste. Some tablets taste terrible and this hides their sour taste.

For those with dysphagia, Slõ Tablets is classed as an IDDSI 3 flow rate. This is essential to know to ensure it is safe for the drinker to swallow. Providing a liquid medication without a flow rating increases the risk of the dysphagia user choking.

The other advantage of having an IDDSI 3 flow rating – this is the slowest a liquid can flow before it is identified as a pudding/solid consistency – means it is suitable for all degrees of dysphagia and can be used with those requiring IDDSI 1, 2 and 3 fluids.

Finally, Slõ Tablets dramatically cut the cost of medication administration. Liquid medications, solutions and syrups are expensive to use, especially when someone needs multiple medications. By contrast, one bottle of Slõ Tablets can be used with multiple tablets and capsules.

To find out more please click here: Pill-Eze.

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